* Eggs: 2
* 3-4 mushroom thinly sliced
* 1 cheese slice
* Salt and pepper to taste

* Mixed dry Italian herbs to taste.
* 1 tsp. butter to make the omelette and 1 tsp. butter for mushrooms.
* Whisk the eggs and seasonings and make an omelette. Keep it aside.
* Then in the pan heat 1 tsp. Butter. Add the mushrooms and sauté until browned.
* Then add in a bit of water. Salt and pepper and 1 cheese slice. Mix well and cook
until the cheese melts and thickens. Keep the filling aside.
* Make the omelet in another non-stick pan using 1 tsp. butter. When the
omelette is about to be done, add in the filling in the middle of the omelette and
* Enjoy it hot!
* Fat: 19.4 g
* Protein: 15.1 g
* Carbs: 2 g


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