• * Chicken 50 grams, cut into bite sized pieces.
  • * Bell peppers: 50 grams
  • * Zucchini: 50 grams, cut into long strips, noodles shape.
  • * Fresh Mozzarella: 20 grams
  • * Shredded Mozzarella: 30 grams
  • *Mushrooms: 15 grams, sliced

* Cream: 40 ml

  • * Salt and black pepper and paprika powder to taste
  • * Butter: 10 grams
  • * Spring onions: 2 sticks, chopped (only the green part)

* In a pan, heat 5 gm. Butter. Cut the bell peppers into small pieces and cook it
until browned. Keep them out and keep aside to cool.
* Now heat the remaining butter. Add the chicken, spring onions and mushrooms.
Cook until chicken is half done.
* Now add the cooked bell peppers in a grinder pot, add a bit of water and grind it
until smooth paste.
* Add this paste to the pan in which chicken is cooking.
* Then add the cream, the zucchini strips, salt, black pepper, and paprika powder.
* Mix well and cook until the zucchini is softened.
* Now pour all this into a small baking dish. Add some fresh mozzarella on top.
* Then cover it with grated mozzarella and bake this for about 20 minutes or until
you see brown spots on top, at 200 C.

Enjoy it straight out of the oven!

* Protein: 24.8 g
* Fat: 34.3 g
* Carbs: 5.1 g


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