* 500 gm. boneless Chicken mince
* 150 gm. Cauliflower florets
* 100 gm. Melted Cheese

* 2 whole eggs
* 50ml Fresh cream
* 1 tbsp. flaxseed powder
* 5 gm. baking soda
* 100 gm. spinach chopped
* 40 gm. onion chopped
* 1 tbsp. ginger garlic paste
* Dry Indian masalas (coriander powder, Cumin Powder, Red chili powder,
turmeric powder, black pepper powder) as per taste.
* Dry herbs (oregano, thyme) as per taste
* 3 green chilies
* 20 gm. Ghee
* Individual Garam Masala’s (Cardamom, cinnamon, bay leaves)
* Salt to taste
* Half lemon and Coriander leaves for garnishing
* Heat 10gms ghee in a pan; put individual garam masalas, onions, ginger garlic
paste, dry masalas (except black pepper), spinach, and green chilies.
* Cook it nicely till raw smell of ginger garlic and spinach goes away. Add the
minced chicken in the pan.
* Now, sauté it nicely, mix it thoroughly. Put some chicken stock (or water), some
salt, some black pepper, dry herbs, lower down the flame and let it cook for
sometime on closed lid.
* After 10 minutes or so, cook in open flame and dry out the water. Keep it aside
when done.
* Boil the Cauliflower thoroughly. Take a bowl, put the cauliflower, melted Cheese,
flax seed powder, Fresh cream, some black pepper, baking soda and two eggs.
* Mash it properly. If you have a mixer grinder, then blend it in that.
* Refrigerate it if your mixture is too thin. It should be of the consistency of the
fresh cream.
* If you have a oven, please use that , saves a lot of trouble and time too, since I
didn’t, I had to bake it with whatever utensils I had. Formed a layer of utensils
and baked it.
* Take your cooking utensil, and grease it with 10 gms ghee and first put your
chicken mix and press the mix properly so that there is flat surface formed on
* Put your cauliflower mix on top and spread it as you spread your peanut butter
on bread.
* Cook for 90 minutes on low flame.
* If you are using oven, then grease the oven safe bowl. Then add the chicken
mixture. Flatten it and top it with the cauliflower mix to form a crust. Bake it at
180 C for 1 hour or until the top is completely browned.
* Finally, garnish with some coriander and lemon. Serve hot.
Macros: (considered in bulk, as this quantity will serve 3-4 people):

* Carbs: 4 g
* Protein: 132 g
* Fat: 106 g


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