* Prawns (Deveined): 200gms
* Coconut Oil: 30gms
* Green chili: 2 Nos.
* Garlic (whole): 8-10 cloves
* Spinach: 100 gm.
* Spring Onion: 50gm.
* Green Pepper: 50gm.
* Paprika: 1 tsp.
* Chili Flakes: 1 tsp.
* Salt as per taste


  • * In a wok, add 20ml oil and fry the crushed garlic cloves until golden.
  • *Take them out and put on a kitchen roll to soak the oil. In the remaining oil in the  wok shallow fry the bell peppers and take them out.  
  • * Add the remaining 10 ml oil in the pan and fry the prawns marinated with salt till they turn golden brown.
  • * Add the washed spinach and spring onions in the pan. Simmer and cook till the spinach gets soggy.  
  • * Add the paprika and green chili to the mix.
  • * Add the fried garlic and bell pepper in the pan and keep tossing till everything mixes well. Serves hot.

* Fat: 37 g
* Carbs: 3 g
* Protein: 50 g


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