* ¾ C Unsweetened almond milk (or nut milk of choice)
* ¼ C Heavy cream (or heavy whipping cream)
* 4-5 Strawberries, frozen or fresh
* 1 tsp. Strawberry Essence
* 2 tsp. Powdered xylitol, erythritol or a few drops of liquid stevia (optional)

Optional Ingredient Thickeners and Substitutions
You would need to adjust the amount of carbs accordingly.
* 1 tbsp. Chia seeds soaked in ½ the liquid of your shake for about 5-10 minutes before adding to your blender.
* 1-2 tbsp. Flaxseed meal
* Add 1 cup of ice (don’t over blend or it will melt and make your drink more runny).
* 1 Scoop of Isopure protein powder (I use Isopure Zero Carb, Vitamin C and Zinc for Immune Support, 25g Protein, Keto Friendly Protein Powder, 100% Whey Protein Isolate, Flavor: Creamy Vanilla, 3 Pounds (Packaging May Vary)). This will increase drink’s satiety, keeping you full longer.

Low Carb Strawberry Smoothie
Servings: 2
Total Carbs/Serving: 7.3g
Total Net Carbs/Serving: 5.8g
Nutrition: 212.9 Calories/1.1g Protein/22.8g Fat/7.3g Carbs/1.5g Fiber


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