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For the taco:  

  • * Grated cheese (mozzarella/cheddar/gouda/parmesan/cheese cubes): 40 grams.This will make 2 tacos.

For the filling: you can actually choose anything of your choice like veggies, paneer, eggs, chicken, etc.

What I have used is:

  • * 2 eggs  
  • * Little bit of grated zucchini
  • * 1 tsp. yogurt
  • * Some black pepper n chili powder to sprinkle.

* In a non-stick pan on a medium heat, add in the grated cheese in a round shape.
* Let it melt and cook until browned on the edges. (It will take some time you have
to be patient)
* When you see its evenly browned, take a spatula and remove it slowly from the
pan (it will easily come out)
* While the cooked cheese base is still hot, give it a shape of taco (a U shape).
Don’t let it get cold otherwise it will get crispy and will break when you bend it.
* Add in filling of your choice. I made some scrambled eggs and added that,
topped with grated zucchini, some yogurt to top and some chili powder n pepper
to sprinkle on top.
* Your awesome tacos are ready.

Note: I am adding only the macros of the taco. Filling can be anything of your choice.
This cheese base is very versatile. You can crisp up both sides and eat it like a papad,
khakhra, etc. You can sprinkle some seasoning of your choice.

* Protein: 10 g
* Carbs: 1 g
* Fat: 9 g



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