* Paneer: 80gm.
* Almonds: 15
* Beaten Yogurt: 50 gm.
* Fresh cream: 2 tbsp.
* Saffron strands: 8-10
* Rock Salt/ Sendha Namak: as per taste
* Cloves: 2
* Dried black pepper: 5
* Bay leaves: 1
* Cardamom: 2
* Big cardamom: 1
* Cinnamon stick: 1
* Butter/Ghee: 2 tbsp.
* Ginger grated: 1 tsp.
* Cumin seeds: 1/4 tsp.


* Soak almonds overnight in water. Blanch to remove the skin and make a thick
paste in blender with 1 tsp. water and 1 tbsp. fresh cream.
* Now heat 1 tbsp. butter in a pan n stir-fry paneer cubes. When brown and crispy,
take it out and soak it in water. (for the sponginess)
* Now in the same pan, add the remaining butter. Add cloves, dried black pepper,
bay leaf, cumin seeds, cardamom (both), and cinnamon stick. Let each splutter at
low flame. Now add grated ginger to it, let it get little brown.
* Then add beaten curd to it. Add salt and stir it slowly. Let it thicken.
* In a bowl take 1 tbsp. cream and add saffron stands and mix it till it gets saffron
* When the curd becomes little thick, add almond paste to it. Let it cook for a
* Add paneer cubes to the bubbling almond and curd mixture in the pan.
* Now add saffron infused cream to it. Stir it properly, till the gravy gets a nice
* Now switch off the flame n serve this in serving bowl or plate
* Garnish it with finely chopped almonds and saffron stands.

* Fat: 43.8 g
* Protein: 21.1 g
* Carbs: 4.6 g


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