* Paneer: 100 gm.
* Cheese: 100 gm.

* Grate the two of them. Mix both in equal quantities.
* Spread on a non-stick pan in a round roti like shape. Cook on a low flame until
lightly browned from the bottom.
* The mix being to soft isn’t easy to flip so make sure to let the roti leave the pan
entirely slowly bring it to the edge of the pan and remove it on a plate. Just turn
the plate upside down to let it cook from the other side.
* This might be looking crispy in the photo bit is very soft and give the feel of a
* You’ll have three to four rotis depending on the size.

Tip: You can add some chopped greens or chilies. Or you can add seasonings of your
choice too.

* Carbs: 2 g
* Protein: 39 g
* Fat: 41 g


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