For the croquettes:
* Paneer: 100 gm.
* Husk: 1 tbsp.
* Cheese cubes: 2
* Butter: 5-10 gm.
* Chili flakes to taste
* Oregano to taste
* Salt to taste
* Coriander powder to taste

For Pepper Dip:
* Cheese spread: 25 gm.
* Cheese cubes: 2
* Paneer: 10 gm.
* Red bell pepper: 30 gm


  • * Grate paneer in a bowl. Add husk and rest of the seasoning.
  • * Cut small dices of cheese. Make croquettes from paneer and add cheese in the center and shape them.
  • * Heat butter in a pan, add the croquettes and shallow fry them on slow flame until crisp on the outside and melting cheese inside.  
  • * Make sure not to add grated cheese, if so the entire paneer will crumble and result in a deconstructed heap. Patiently keep flipping for even cooking and crispness from all sides.
  • * For the dip, roast the bell pepper on slow flame or in microwave.
  • * In a blender add cheese spread, grated cheese, grated paneer, and smoked bell pepper. Blend until smooth.

This dip can be used with any accompaniments of your choice.
PS: Don’t overuse cheese spread as it has carbs. Also, the Chips are just for plating.

Macros for croquettes:
* Carbs: 1 g
* Protein: 30 g
* Fat: 50 g

Macros for Dip:
* Carbs: 6 g
* Protein: 15 g
* Fat: 20 g


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