* Paneer: 100 gm.
* Palak/Spinach: 100 gm.
* Cheese: 30 gm., grated
* Isabgol/Husk: 1 tbsp.
* Salt, pepper, chili flakes, oregano, and other dry herbs as per taste.
* Butter/Ghee: 10 gm.

* Chop spinach very finely. In a pan, add the chopped spinach and cook until all
the water released is evaporated and the leaves shrink.
* Once done, add the spinach into a bowl. Add grated paneer and cheese.
* Now add isabgol/husk and combine everything well. Add salt, pepper, chili
powder, dried oregano, thyme and rosemary (or any dry herbs of your choice)
* Give it all a good mix. Divide into equal sized balls and make a tikki like shape.
* In a non-stick pan, add ghee or butter. On a medium flame cook both sides until
brown and crisp on the outside!

* Fat: 33 g
* Protein: 25 g
* Carbs: 1.5 g


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