* Rice: 40 gm.
* Cheese cube: 1
* Black pepper and Salt to taste
* Soya sauce – 1/2 tsp.
* Ginger garlic powder – ½ tsp.
* Butter / ghee: 5 gm.


  • * Boil rice and let it cool once done.
  • * Mash rice and add all the ingredients except cheese. Cut cheese cube in 6 equal halves.
  • * Take a small portion of rice dough, flatten it and fill it with a piece of cheese. Seal all the sides and give it a ball shape.  
  • * Heat the Appe pan and add little butter/Ghee, now place the rice balls until crisp from all sides. Enjoy your cheesy bites. You can make it in a normal pan too.

* Fat: 11.5 g,
* Carbs: 29 g
* Protein: 7.6 g


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