For Puri:
* Paneer: 30 gm.
* Salt to taste
* Ajwain: ¼ tsp.
* Kasuri Methi: ½ tsp.
* Ghee: ½ tsp.

For Paani and filling:
* Onion: ¼
* Mint: A few leaves
* Coriander: A few leaves
* Green Chili: 1
* Black salt to taste
* Stevia and chaat masala to taste
* Water as needed

* Crumble the Paneer. Add salt, isabgol, ajwain, and kasuri methi to it. Add ghee
and knead it to make a dough.
* Make small puris out of it and cook it in air fryer or oven for 10 minutes.
* For filling add coriander, mint and onion.
* For the Paani, take coriander and mint in equal quantity. Add 1 green chili, little black salt, 1 drop of stevia, and add little chaat masala and grind the entire thing. Add water to it and your paani is ready! Enjoy!

* Fat: 10 g
* Protein: 5 g
* Carbs: 3 g


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