* Soya nuggets: 25 gm.
* Paneer: 100 gm.
* Ginger: 1 inch
* Garlic: 2-3cloves
* Cheese cubes: 2
* Green chilies: 2
* Salt and red chili powder to taste
* Garam masala: ½ tsp.
* Ghee: 5 ml


  • * Boil soya nuggets. Drain and keep aside.
  • * In a blender make keema with ginger, garlic and slightly squeezed soya nuggets.
  • * In a bowl crumble paneer and add keema, salt, red chilies, and Garam masala· and mix well. In a bowl mix finely chopped green chilies and grated cheese cubes.
  • * Take the keema mixture. Flatten it like a small chapati and fill it with cheese. Now make balls of this and cook on Appe pan or normal pan. Add ghee to make them crisp.
  • * Make sure you flip them with help of Spoon carefully first time.
  • * Once they are cooked from both sides you can use the stick to turn them n give a nice golden brown color. Enjoy with mint chutney.

* Carbs: 12 g
* Fat: 42 g
* Protein: 43 g


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