INGREDIENTS :- Almond Milk, Dairy Free, Milk Substitute, Low Calorie, Health Drink, No added Sugar, Gluten Free

About this item

  • NATURAL AND UNSWEETENED -So Good Almond Milk is a unique formulation which extracts milk from almonds. and has no added sugar. Unsweetened milk not only helps increasing immunity but also helps to maintain your health and stay in shape
  • ONE STOP SOLUTION TO HEALTHY EATING -Healthy alternative to your everyday high calorie dairy milk shakes, So Good Almond milk has almost 50 % lower calories than regular dairy milk – a great addition to your morning bowl of cereal.
  • HIGH IN CALCIUM AND VITAMINS- Rich source of Calcium and Vitamin B2, B12 and Vitamin D, it has proven benefits for strong bones and healthy skin. These Vitamins and nutrients can help support your Immune System and makes you feel healthy making So Good a great choice for you and your Family
  • SUPER EASY TO DIGEST -So Good Almond Milk is a plant based, dairy free milk , that does not contain lactose nor Gluten which makes it super friendly for your digestive system.
  • ZERO PRESERVATIVES AND NO ADDED COLORS :-Almond Milk from So Good does not contain any preservative and has no added colours. Moreover, it can be stored in ambient conditions for 365 days and it comes in an Environment Friendly Packaging.

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