Our Story

My name is Varun Vig, and I’ve struggled with my weight for almost my entire life.

Through dedication and research, I’ve been able to completely turn around my body and help hundreds of thousands of people lose weight, gain energy, and get healthy.

Even though I’m only in my thirties, my love for all things science has taught me a great deal that I’m able to pass on to all my readers.

We all know that health starts in the kitchen. My passion for cooking and my fast growing passion for photography will help you do that in a delicious, easy, beautiful and affordable way.


1 in 10 women have PCOS who are unable to manage their Diet and Stress.


1 in 10 women have DIABETES who are unable to manage their Diet and Stress.


More than 135 million people are overweight.


72 million patients struggle with dietary advice and adjustment post-diagnosis.

What is ketocommunityindia.com?
ketocommunityindia.com is my blog, and also a forum and community for people that are interested in learning and living a Ketogenic lifestyle.ketocommunityindia is where I attempt to enlighten and entertain readers with my articles, recipes, and books.

Take your time to look around, learn new things about the ketogenic diet, and find inspiration in the kitchen to make your weight loss story a successful one.

Our aim is simple: we want to make keto as approachable and, dare we say it, as fun as possible. We’re here to motivate you as you explore delicious recipes to continue enjoying the food you cook, applaud your weight loss successes big and small, and give you a factual approach to make keto a sustainable approach to your journey.

Our goal is to bring you the most informational, user-friendly, easy to navigate website on keto and always strive to improve further. On ketocommunityindia.com you’ll find everything you need to “rule” the keto diet: diet plans and tips, recipes and cookbooks, recommended tools and resources, and so much more.